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Purple Picture…

So here’s the purple flower picture that hangs in our bathroom, as described in this post

I think it goes very nicely with the whole purple scheme of things…

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Original Bathroom Color…

This is pretty gosh darn close to the original color of our main bathroom when we first bought this house:

One of our first actions was to purchase a shower curtain… specifically trying to tone down the color of the walls. The shower curtain was clear with three different colored polka dots on it:

However, when Pup was over to see the house for the first time, her comment was something to the effect of you could smear Crest toothpaste all over the walls and you’d never know it. Wisenheimer, yes. But, she was correct…

And with that one comment, Mr. J. decided that painting the bathroom would be our first project. Pup helped us with our new color selection. Mr. J. took a couple of days off of work and did all the priming and painting. We shopped for a few accessories, found the perfect picture to hang in there (which we already had – bonus), and voila:

We’ll replace the shower curtain with a nice fabric one, eventually, but this one still works very nicely. Plus, we might as well get some use out of it. 😉 Continue reading

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I Think Someone is Having Fun…

With his new grill. 🙂

So, the Mr. (blog name still pending approval) has been enjoying cooking on his new grill. I’ve certainly enjoyed the food we’ve cooked out there so far… from Burgers to Steaks to Turkey Sausage to Veggie Packets to Corn on the Cob to Wacky BLTC’s. For our veggie packets, we make foil pouches and season the veggies with olive oil and sea salt (and sometimes garlic powder). So far, we’ve cooked up asparagus, mushrooms, onions, red peppers, and carrots. I really like the grilled mushrooms, although the asparagus is damn tasty that way, too. Also, I’ve found that I actually enjoy grilled onions… I’m not normally a big onion fan, but it’s a nice mellow flavor when cooked this way.

Grill time is definitely fun time… Continue reading

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I Took this Photo…

And yes, a portion of this photo is used in my header. For awhile, I couldn’t figure out if I had actually taken this picture, or if I had found it somewhere on the internets. Last week, I did some research and found out that I did, in fact, take this actual picture. It’s from the fall of 2005 when I was with my family in the Disney World area of Florida… It’s tucked away in a couple hundred of photos that I took while in Disney, Epcot, and whatever other attractions they have there. It’s Plumbago… more of a flower for that particular zone…

All the same, I was quite pleased to confirm that it was, in fact, a photo of mine… Continue reading

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My parents are coming for a visit this weekend, and they are bringing my nephew AND my sister! That is definitely a pleasant surprise. It must have been 7-8 years ago the last time she came to visit me. Usually, … Continue reading

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Our Backyard Hole…

I’ll start here:

When we were in the process of buying this house, there was a koi pond and a lovely pergola here. We didn’t really want the koi pond, because of having Ms. Puggles, and I really would have preferred the gardening space. The sellers said they’d remove the pond, then they said they wouldn’t have time. When we got the keys to the place, this is what we found… So be it. The whole buying process is a story for another day (perhaps)… So, we had a backyard hole, no pergola, and a goodly amount of rainy weather. Our backyard hole needed to get filled… Continue reading

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I Need to Get a Name…

For my sweetie, for D., for the Mr., for J… However he would like to be addressed on this blog. I’ve asked, but he’s yet to see this place. I’ll let him pick his out, all in good time… Advertisements

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