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Stuff. There’s always stuff. Sometimes more so than others, and there’s been a wee bit more going on as of late…

* 12-year old nephew has / is having a few tests done. He’s quite small for his age, so they’re trying to determine if there is an internal cause for that and if it can be treated, if needed. Needless to say, my sister is a bit of a mess over it, as is my mom… I try to be more of a voice of reason and of what is known, rather than worry. But, I still feel bad for the lil guy going through it all.
* Mr. BFF has his own something going on.
* Work had a huge job on Saturday that involved a skyscraper and a helicopter. Thankfully, everything went well.
* Insurance agent dropped the ball on something that should have been corrected weeks ago. We’re still waiting for resolution on that one.
* I took Puggles to get her nails clipped. That seems like a feat in itself sometimes…
* I need a haircut.
* I need to mow the back lawn.
* My finger is healing, but it’s still not quite back to normal yet. Still a bit tingly at times…
* I’m searching for somewhere to get some grass-fed beef and stock up our freezer a bit.
* Oh, gotta find something for mom’s birthday too. Both moms actually…
* And, gotta find some Halloween decorations too. Haven’t been able to do spooky stuff in years. And now we can… 🙂 Bwahhhhhahhh

… Nice. We just mowed the back yard. Believe me when I say that it needed it. That’s the way to do it… One bit (bite) at a time. Now, for a shower! 🙂 Continue reading

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Grilled Veggie Pizza…

So, the other evening I assembled several veggie pouches for the grill. This basically involved chopping the veggies, drizzling some olive oil onto aluminum foil, piling the veggies in, drizzling with a bit more olive oil, sprinkling with some sea salt, and wrapping the pouches up tightly. I think I ended up with nine pouches altogether. The grilled veggies were made up of:

  • Mushrooms
  • Onions (Red and White)
  • Carrots
  • Zucchini (Green and Yellow)
  • Tomatoes, with Basil
  • Broccoli (yay, I spelled that right on the first try)
  • Peppers (Green and Red)

They were absolutely delicious, as is, straight from the grill. 🙂 However, we had leftovers… So, the next night, we made a grilled veggie pizza, using a refrigerated pizza crust, and a cream cheese ‘sauce’ as the base. See picture above… There is definitely something about grilled veggies that is oh-so-good! And then sprinkled with a bit of cheddar-jack cheese for the pizza… Yum! Continue reading

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Stress, And Stitches…

But first, an aside… Wordpress has been quite hokey, the very few times I’ve checked in lately. Harumpf…

I have been extremely stressed lately. No one particular thing, but seemingly a confluence of many things. I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of it right now (or yet), but suffice it to say, I’ve been quite tense and on-edge. Now, I *know*, knowing being in my rational mind, that this is something under my control. I *know* external factors are involved. I *know* there are behaviors to do to help calm myself. I *know* internal ways of thinking can be an influence, and when shifted, they can be a great source of calm. Hehe… I *know* lots of things…

I’ve begun cutting down on my caffeine, i.e. coffee intake. I’ve begun (again) stretching and doing yoga poses. Today, as is often the case, that time often turns into Puggles play time. Which is fine… Puggles can be calming, as ironic as that may sound. Inhale… Exhale… Take it as it comes, because I can. Though a nice bubble bath sometime in the near future might be really really nice…

Stitches… I clipped off a good chunk of my left hand middle finger three weeks ago tomorrow. I was using the pruning shears on some dead bush limbs in the yard… I ended up bloodied and with 4 stitches in that finger. Kinda threw me for a loop, odd as that might sound. It delayed me with getting some yard/house things done. I felt stupid for being negligent at watching after myself. It ticked me off, ultimately… It’s still healing, but being close to not having to wear band-aids every day.

In hindsight, and it’s good to write about this, I think sent me to an insecure place… Of sorts. As minimal as it might sound… I couldn’t cook, wash, get it wet, water plants, play in the dirt (ahem, garden), type properly (which is a work function)… I think for some reason, it really hit me subliminally…

Anyway, I’m working on it. I’m breathing, though it seems labored at times. Time now to get ready for some hopefully sweet sleep. Perhaps the dog phone chain will be quiet this evening… Or I’ll have just what I need to drift on off… 🙂 Continue reading

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Cherry Chipotle Chicken…

Mr. J. came up with this glaze-y idea for cooking chicken on the grill, and oh my, is it ever a good one! He mixes some Cherry Preserves (the nice chunky kind) with some Chipotle Salsa… It’s that simple. He then marinaded some chicken breasts in it, and also used some more as a glaze when grilling the chicken. There are so many others ways we are envisioning using this too! Beef, ribs, turkey, etc.

I think he came up with this idea after making a Chipotle Mayo for some sandwiches that I particularly enjoyed. Now, I’m not one who likes a lot of heat in my food, but this Chipotle Salsa was the right blend of kick, with a delicious smokiness to it as well. Needless to say, we’ll be using this combination of cherry and chipotle quite a bit. 🙂 Continue reading

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