The Ungardened Garden…

The pic on the left is the lovely hole left by the former owners of this house. It had been a koi pond, which we didn’t want, but they said they wouldn’t have time to remove it. Apparently, they did… So, during a rather rainy July, we finally got the hole filled with some good gardening dirt. Soil… See pic on right.

Next, we hauled too-many-to-count bags of mulch in, and spread that on top. We also planted the four Junipers against the fence on the left. The Phlox is the corner is now gone, as it was quite unwieldy and just not pretty-looking. I think I’ll put some Feather Reed Grass there in the spring. So now, the garden is ready to go, yet ungardened… And it will be that way til winter comes and goes…

I’ve got some miscellaneous Russian Sage in pots out front. I should plant them back here before it gets too cold. I’ve not planted in the autumn before, so it would be an experiment of sorts. They should take okay, as long as I water them in well before things start freezing. We shall see. Yes, I’ve got one Purple Coneflower plant too… it’s been a bit neglected, but I might as well plant her and see what happens too… I’m going to wait for a nice sunny day though. 🙂

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