New Year’s Eve Feast…

We spent much of the day in the kitchen, cooking up some goodies for our New Year’s Eve spread. The Fried Wontons came out exceptionally delicious. One batch was more of a Rangoon – it had a chive and cream cheese filling. The other batch had a delicious Asian slaw with some shrimp and bacon bits in it. We also had BBQ Honey Chipotle Wings, Stewed Tomatoes, Shrimp Cocktail, Pasta Salad, and Stuffed Mushrooms. A new secret ingredient was added to the Stuffed Mushrooms that made them outstanding as well – a pat of Goat Cheese in the mushrooms before the stuffing is added. Big yum!

We continued experimenting with the Wontons today while pup was over, and we tried a few egg rolls too. I must say, the wontons, egg rolls, and rangoons are all pretty darn delicious. We found a good Asian sauce that Mr. BFF used as a base, but adjusted to fit our tastes. Basically, I think he added honey to make it a bit sweeter… But oh yes, it was delicious! All so very good, but I have definitely had my fill of fried foods for the day… 😉

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