This blog gets away from me sometimes…

I look back and voila, it’s 2+ weeks since I’ve posted last. But, at least I know it’s always still here…

Today was a much needed ‘quiet’ day, although I did get a fair amount of things done. I got started on entering our tax information and actually got to the bulk of it, barring anything unforeseen, which I don’t think is out there. I dyed my hair, did two loads of laundry, and sat lazily on the couch reading on the iPad and playing games. I even got a Pumpkin to hop up next to me and curl up with some scritches for a spell! Mr. BFF brought home a boatload of the Mexican food that we love last night, so we’ve got those yummies for the weekend.

Tomorrow, we’ve got plans to install a new vanity in the guest bathroom… something a wee bit more functional than the pedestal sink that is currently in there. It’s aesthetically-pleasing, but it can’t even hold a soap dispenser, so it’s not the most useful item. We saw an ad for the new one in a flyer a few weeks ago (and we don’t regularly check out those flyers) – the price was a steal, the dimensions look to be perfect. and there is vanity ledge space, small shelves and a cabinet! Score! Granted, it is a put-together sort of thing, but it will be an improvement vs. what is currently in there.

I’ve been feeling off at times the past week and a half or so… Something is going around at work, so it could be tinges of that. I also think I ate something(s) that didn’t agree with me earlier last week, which may have compounded things. Yesterday, I was feeling off again and actually left work early. I don’t think I have ever taken a ‘sick day’ since I’ve been there. Mostly due to the fact that paid sick leave is not offered, but if one is sick, one can call off of work with ease. I’ve just never felt bad enough to do so beforehand… Not sure if that’s really a good or bad thing… I do need to get to the eye doctor’s soon, oh aging eyeballs of mine.

I’m feeling stressed, though as Mr. BFF says, we really don’t have much to be that stressed about, in the general grand comparative scheme of things. And he is absolutely correct. I tend to be an empathetic sponge, taking on the stresses of those around me, even though I’m not meaning to internalize them specifically. I mostly consider myself a good listener, which tends to mean people feel okay in telling me things and such. And that usually means telling me things that they need to get out or are having trouble with, which are often stressors for them. Anyway, I need to learn to distance my emotional self from others’ stresses. Not to not be empathetic, but to learn how to better let it roll off of me, if it is not mine to begin with. Is there a thing as having too much empathy? I wonder…

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One Response to This blog gets away from me sometimes…

  1. Christina says:

    Yes, there is. They key is recognizing when your mood is not internally driven, but something absorbed externally, and then doing something to break your thought patterns. I’ve caught myself in those ruts recently. It’s been a very eventful month already in this young year just generally on the planet you know? Easy for that to filter into our minds. Compound that with someone closer to you perhaps leaning on you for something and can certainly start to dominate your own mindset.

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