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Bread! And stuff…

Well, after what turned out to be a failed (abeit wholehearted) effort last weekend to make bread, I can say that this weekend we succeeded with flying colors! We had been waiting for Pup to test out our new KitchenAid, … Continue reading

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Weekend List…

Well, it’s been a relatively quiet weekend around here… But also getting some of the to-do things off of my to-do list.  We’ll see how far I get with things today, though I do have to work on dinner ideas, … Continue reading

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Ocean Rocks…


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Laugh, then Breathe…

I do kinda really like that.  It’s actually quite fitting for me these days.  Laugh, smile, take it in… then let it all out…  Exhale…  It all is what it is, and at times, that’s just that…  So just go … Continue reading

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Bean and Buffalo Chicken Salad…

Well, we made our own baked buffalo chicken strips / breasts a few days back, and they came out quite good! I like knowing exactly what ingredients are in there (I found a non-MSG wing sauce with relatively few ingredients … Continue reading

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