Weekend List…

Well, it’s been a relatively quiet weekend around here… But also getting some of the to-do things off of my to-do list.  We’ll see how far I get with things today, though I do have to work on dinner ideas, because I’m stuck on that one for the moment.

  • Took the recycling out.  Of course, we only had to do this because the recycling was not picked up curb-side as it should have been.  No idea why they didn’t take it on the scheduled day.  They do seem to be a bit quirky at times, from past experience.  But oh well, easy enough to do it ourselves…
  • Mr. BFF put the bikes in the shed.  Of course, it will be time to take them out again in another couple of months or so, but it helps since we now have both cars in the garage.
  • Went out for breakfast at our local brunch haunt.  Always good…
  • Did some exercising the past three days, today to be included.  I need to add that back in to my routine on a regular basis.  Definitely.
  • Mended two sweaters that needed it.  They had only been sitting around for two weeks or so, so that really is a good time frame for me actually getting it done!
  • Cleaned some jewelry.  Also discovered it would probably be beneficial to find a jewelry box for my necklaces and such.
  • Cleaned up the poop in the yard.  Twas a sunny day yesterday and the snow has just about all melted.  Puggles was with me sniffing around and checking out the greenery now showing.  Me, a dog, a bag and a shovel…

Today, we’re attempting to bake some bread and I’m doing some laundry.  Exercise soon, then perhaps a bath.  I’m still working on learning how to relax… Hopefully this week, I will double-check our taxes and get that sent out. Putting away the Xmas decorations is on the list (somewhere) too… As is gardening planning and plotting. Should change the water filters soon. There’s a stack of magazines to go through, never mind some books I’d like to read…

Maybe I should just toss out the lists and do whatever as it comes…  😉

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