Bread! And stuff…

Well, after what turned out to be a failed (abeit wholehearted) effort last weekend to make bread, I can say that this weekend we succeeded with flying colors! We had been waiting for Pup to test out our new KitchenAid, because she really wanted to be here when we first used it. So, yesterday, we cooked up a storm… And of course, tested out the new toy with a basic farmhouse bread recipe. Huge success! We were all peering into the mixing bowl with anticipation, waiting to see how the dough hook would clean the sides of the bowl of all the dough, and it did! We are food geeks, admittedly. Mr. BFF rolled some cheddar cheese into the dough, jellyroll-style, and the bread was fantastic! Very pleased…

We also made a Chili Mac dish that turned out even tastier than we thought it would. We used some ground beef from the local butcher’s market, and I must say, though I’m not the world’s hugest meat fan, this place rocks! Next on the list from this market will be bacon and chicken – they both just looked good… As good as raw meat can, I suppose. I was surprised to find the prices were actually better than those at the grocery store. Better prices, fresher meat, trimmed beautifully, and from a local business = one of my new favorite shops! We also made a beef stew, which we’ll be having perhaps today. Sometimes our eyes and minds end up being bigger than our stomachs when Pup is over for a cookfest. But there is always plenty of food to go around and then some…

Here is a pic of our beloved new kitchen toy on its christening day. We will definitely putting this guy to work:

Today, we also got 3 water filters changed, and we fixed a leak under the kitchen sink, with the help of Mr. BFF’s dad. We also found and hung a coat rack by the door in the kitchen… That small project was somewhere on our list, though not necessarily for today, but we happened past some at the store and might as well… Now, if I can get the taxes out and put the Xmas stuff away one of these days. 😉

Update: Taxes have been checked and verified… Cool! Just need signatures and copies and off they go! Oh, it was a cold and rainy afternoon today – perfect for a bath! My first bath in the tub here at the new house… 8 months later. Tub seems to work just fine, though the hot water can be a bit temperamental in there…

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