I have, somewhere, a picture of this corner in our house. I can’t find it at the moment. I may have to take a new photo of it. But, this evening, I noticed how I fluidly slid around this corner, into the hallway, and it kind of made me feel comfy.

Since we’re still in our first year in this house, many things still seem new. Or at least new-ish… Winter was all new. Winter into spring (cue George Winston) is all new. I’ll be planting new gardens and starting a veggie one soon… again, all new. There were flowers and such around the yard, though not necessarily those that fit my preferences. I’ve dug some up, some still need digging, some will remain for a time… I remembered the tulips that I planted the end of last season, and I will anxiously await their blooms. Soon…

I’ve many plans for the yard, and I know it won’t all get done right away. I’ll start on the veggies first, and then move onto the flowers. It’s all plant and water as I go… trial and error, of sorts. But I am looking very forward to harvesting some of our own food, our own greens, tomatoes… yum! Seeing colorful flowers as they bloom. Perhaps being a bit ambitious, but it comes with the territory. I’m just looking forward to playing and experimenting in the dirt and the yard and seeing what comes of it.

And for that inside corner, I liked that I was able to glide around it effortlessly… I still seem to knock into walls at times, but it’s nice to know I can slide and glide still too… 😉

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