New Computer…

Well, the new computer is up and running with everything from the old one finally on it. It’s got a nice big screen, no more tower, and everything that can be is wireless. It’s a touchscreen computer, although I find I don’t (yet) use that feature too much, I’m sure I will once I get more used to it. The new printer is very nice too, particularly since I don’t have to hand feed each sheet of paper. 🙂 As usual, it takes awhile to get used to new things… especially the new Windows 7 OS and their tendency to move around the features I had generally liked a lot. But, everything seems to be working as it should. All of our pictures and documents and ‘important things’ are here now. It’s actually quite nice to set up a new system prior to the old one just crashing… It was getting to be about that time.

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