Productive Weekend…

And it’s only 1/2 over now.  That said… we got 2 new cable boxes installed – in the office and the guest bedroom, in preparation for the treadmill that will be arriving next Saturday.  Stuff has been rearranged, the Xmas wrapping paper box is back out in the shed (Xmas tree is still up cuz we’re still liking it that way), the old cumbersome fax machine is in the trash, and the treadmill TV will get mounted on the wall tomorrow. One load of laundry has been done. Mr. BFF made his first test batch of a new recipe. We spontaneously did some grocery shopping at a store we haven’t been to in ages. I cleaned up the veggie garden spot and raked out the preliminary space for it (i.e. cleaned up the cardboard thrown on it, along with the old Halloween pumpkins).  Will need to remeasure it tomorrow. One of the front garden spaces has been cleaned up… I tried to do that last fall but Mr./Ms. big fat fuzzy spider kept me from cutting back the shasta daisies at that time.  😉  I’ve got what looks to be bags full of body parts ready for the trash, but it is just in fact bags full of damp cardboard and yard scrap from last year (and an old cumbersome fax machine).  Ah…

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