Every Weekend Should Be Like This One…

What an absolutely beautiful weekend! On Saturday, I got the veggie garden hoed (sp?) and measured out, the asparagus bed planted, and the garlic patch put in. The above pic shows what it looks like to-date. The picture below shows how it started last fall… As it got colder, I covered the area with flattened cardboard boxes, held down by a few bricks and the big ol’ pumpkins from Halloween. It seemed to work pretty well at stifling the growing grass that was there, all things considered.

Mr. BFF ended up mowing all lawns on Saturday, after initially just starting up the lawnmower and letting it run. We took delivery of our new treadmill and had the bonus surprise of the deliverymen assembling it for us. Who were we to argue that we didn’t order that part? I think Sears messed the order up, and after the time it took to simply purchase the item at the store, I can fully believe that. So, yay for bonus assembly.

Sunday morning, we each did our first bout on the treadmill, which felt very good. Pup was over and we did some shopping for some various things. We scored at the corner farm market with bags of fruits and veggies for at least half the price of what it would have been at the grocery store. We made a fruit salad for the day, enjoyed over some vanilla frozen custard as we sat on the patio in the backyard. This was after we played with Puggles and planted some tulips in the side gardens. The weather was just spectacular… particularly as it was the first glorious weekend after being cooped up inside for the winter. The patio chairs came out, the gardening hose found its new home, yard tools and gadgets were brought out, gardening gloves were donned… Oh, and the dog poop was picked up.
All part of a wonderful weekend.. 🙂

Fall 2010

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