Feel Like I Should Write Something…

But I’ve nothing too cohesive in my head at the moment. We had a good and busy weekend… so much so that my body hurt last night. I was in the garden yesterday prepping beds and planting potatoes, onions, green onions and lettuce. Then I was around and about in the yard cleaning up some spots and planting some bareroot plants that I had ordered. I did get the last 5 of them planted this evening (though I took the lazy way out and decided to let Mother Nature water them in, since some rain should be coming soon). Mr. BFF was busy mowing the yards, front and back. Friday evening, I was on the treadmill with some inclines that I hadn’t done before, so my body was a bit sore from that, too. But it’s all sore in a very good way… that way when you’ve been moving and doing all day long and it hits you at the end of the day.

Yesterday, we stopped into the local beef mart, since our plans also included cleaning up and firing up the grill for the new season. We christened it with bacon cheeseburgers. 🙂 They were extremely yummy and delicious… Even more tasty after a hard but productive day’s work. We had also made bread and a blueberry cheesecake to bring to Easter dinner today. This morning, we topped off our cooking time with baked artichoke dip and a pasta salad before loading up the car with food and heading over to Mr. BFF’s parents’ house for Easter dinner.

Add to the mix that we’ve been having issues with our ice maker, though it appears to be working again, even though we still need to get the water line hooked back up to it. But, that’s a project for another weekend…

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