Not really in this case, although I’ll be the first to admit that we are both procrastinators in more ways than not. And yes, we just took down our Christmas tree last weekend. As shown above… my parents do tend to go overboard with the gifts, eh? This pic was from the first week in December, when they came out to visit and celebrate Christmas with us. But, the reason we had left our tree up was simply because we liked it. It was an artificial one, so that was fine; we liked the lights during the dark evenings of winter; and it was in an unobtrusive spot, which frankly now feels a bit bare. But, as of mid-May, all Christmas decorations are boxed and put away.. until six months time or so. We’re quirky, yes… Oh, and we left the ornaments hanging off the curtain rods where some curtains should be above the bow window there… They do add a nice bit of color to the room, generally and aesthetically speaking. 🙂

So, my posts here have been running about a week or two behind actual events, it seems. I’ve got at least two more on the boards, but it seems that I’m tending to post on the weekends for the moment, and so be it. I peeked at the weather forecast just now and the first time I see a spot of sun is Friday. Yes, a week from now. This spring, if one can call it that, has been unbelievable. We’ve had two actual hot and sunny spells within the past two months. Recently, it’s been rain, grey, rain, coolness, 1-1/2 sunny warm days, rain, grey, cold, rain, rain, grey, etc… I’ve been in the garden on a few lovely days; we’ve had both the A/C on and then the heat back on; I’ve done loads of laundry with turtlenecks, shorts, tank tops and sweatshirts all in one batch; it’s getting time to get the planting going but the weather is disagreeing terribly; and we’ve been able to mow 3 times now, but that was after a week and a half of rain each time during the scarce bouts of sun and dryness in-between. I fear that summer heat is going to hit us with a bang, and we’ll not have a proper warm spring to enjoy. But eh, can’t do much about that, can I? Other than bitch about it, I suppose… 😉

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