Netroots Nation 2011 in Minneapolis…

We attended our 4th Netroots Nation convention last week in Minneapolis… Well, the first two conventions were technically ‘Yearly Kos’, but they’ve blurred into one by now. Anyway, I thought that Minneapolis was a fantastic location this year! Things were in relatively close proximity to each other, and there were lots and lots of local restaurants to choose from. Our food at Hell’s Kitchen was delicious! I have a new-found adoration for fontina cheese. 🙂 I loved that there was so much to choose from within walking distance, even though we didn’t get to partake in it as much as I might have liked.

As for Netroots Nation, it was incredible, as usual. The main reason that we go is to see our friends and buds who live elsewhere in the country. The main reason that we volunteered this year was because Ms. S. was back…  Oh boy, do we love working with and for her.  As for our NE friends, a good chunk are from New England and I really miss being able to do our meet-ups there as we did. And we’ve got friends from other spots too, where this is the one time of year we can count on seeing them all. In between, we volunteer at the registration/information desk for the majority of our days, which is kinda the way we like doing it. We get to work with a wonderful woman who coordinates the volunteers and we get to meet and see all sorts of convention-goers. It’s our way to give back to a community that has given us much, and also a way to give to those activists and organizers who are much better at those things than us. We’re not in it for the political nitty-gritty as much as we are in it for the community, our friends, the energy, the spirit and the basic principles for which Progressives are fighting. We support those ideals strongly and this is one way we can support and encourage those ideals. And, as a volunteer at the front desk, it can be like being an observant fly-on-the-wall for some of the goings-on. 🙂

Unfortunately, I barely had my camera out this whole trip, but c’est la vie. We didn’t get to any of the panels, but again, that’s not our main goal in going. We did have time to catch-up with friends and simply spend time together (although there’s not nearly enough of that). These are some of my main political (and other) highlights from the trip:

  • Getting our picture taken with Howard Dean
  • Shaking hands with Sen. Al Franken when he came over to shake hands with some volunteers
  • Watching Mr. BFF get Lizz Winstead’s autograph for Pup
  • Helping to pack care boxes for combat soldiers overseas with Netroots for the Troops
  • Getting almost knocked over by Michael as we were checking-in..  I barely saw him as he came barreling over to hug me.  I did catch my sunglasses from falling off of my face.  I’m not at all complaining about getting a huge welcome hug like that!  🙂  It’s very good to see our buds, even if it is only once a year.

These are the care packages that are being sent.  We packed 300 boxes in 40 minutes.

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