Recent Food Follies…

This was an Oregano Buttered Chicken Breast with a Cherry Tomato Pan Sauce. I could have cooked down the tomatoes a bit more, but we were getting hungry. We both really liked the fresh oregano… it’s not an herb that we cook with regularly, but that may change. 🙂 I also liked the overall flavor of the dish, very possibly since it was cooked in butter. Here’s a link to the recipe from Bon Appetit.

I made my first batch of pesto this season last weekend… I got about 4 cups of “firmly packed basil leaves” from 2 of my plants. I have 2 more basil plants that I actually moved today because they were being overrun by cucumbers and zucchini. Hopefully, they’ll take nicely to their new home in Herb Alley along the back side of the house. For the pesto, I got the equivalent of twice the 2 jars shown above. They are sitting happily (well, happily for me) in the freezer now. I do so love basil pesto…

It was Puggles’ 6th birthday on June 23rd, so that weekend we celebrated it with Pup. And yes, we do get Puggles a birthday cake most years (although I think this was the first year she actually had her name on it).

That same weekend, Pup had gotten Mr. BFF some chocolate candy-making tools and molds for Father’s Day, so we also made chocolates and candies. These are the Pirate Pops that we made. Arggggg!

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