Recent Family Follies…

For starters, I finally cooked up the heads of cabbage, as shown below. I made fried cabbage and tortellini, which wouldn’t have necessarily have been my first choice, but it actually turned out pretty darn tasty. Especially chilled and with ranch dressing on it. 😉

My parents, sister and soon-to-be-13-year-old nephew came out for a visit last weekend. Friday night, we just hung out here with pizza and such. We hung outside for a bit that evening, which did result in some bug bites. I used my family as guinea pigs for a rumor I had heard… but alas, Listerine does not work so well as a bug repellent. 🙂 Even later that night, the young’uns brought out Rock Band and were jamming. Young’uns being myself, Mr. BFF, my sis and the nephew. My parents were gracious as they attempted sleep while we played guitars, keyboards and vocals. 🙂

Saturday morning, Mr. BFF and I were up and at ’em to go pick up my new car (more on that later). That took much longer than we had planned, so we picked up Pup on our way back. We went to an air show and saw some fighter jets and aerial performances on the (lake) beach. It was damned hot though, but we were lucky enough to find some shade under a grove of trees. Went out to dinner… Came back and ended up doing some more Rock Band eventually. Dad even joined in on the vocals for some gigs.

Sunday morning, we had a freaking breakfast adventure… First place we went to, Mr. BFF would have called it a local favorite not too long ago, but recently (recently being the past three trips), the service and food have been sorely lacking. After being seated in a maybe-half-full restaurant next to the wait station, no server came to greet us for about ten minutes. No drink order, no hello, no nothing… So, we got up and went to Denny’s. The service was better there, but the kitchen screwed up the order at the end. The whole endeavor took us over two hours, for a simple breakfast just five minutes down the road. Then, the womenfolk took the nephew to a water park for the afternoon. We all actually wish we had more time, as they closed at 6:00pm. Live and learn – we shouldn’t have let the kiddo sleep until noon. 🙂 But, fun time had by all…

Mr. BFF and I went to work on Monday while the kinfolk did their own thing during the day. We went out for burgers for dinner at nephew’s choosing, since the evening also included birthday cake and presents for his 13th birthday next week. *Note to self: call him on Sunday.* They all headed back to Connecticut Tuesday morning. I got a kick out of Friday and Saturday when we were all comparing and ogling each other’s new cars… My parents had gotten a new van a few months ago; Mr. BFF had gotten a new vehicle barely a few weeks ago; and I had just picked up my new car Saturday morning. Newness abounded…

It was very good to see my family, and it was especially good to see my sister and nephew. We see them (sis and neph) this one time a year when they come out during the summer… Not enough, but it will do cuz it has to. We might see them a couple more times next year, due to potential trips and such, but I always love seeing my little squirtball. And, as always, it’s nice to have our house back once our visitors have ended their trip… As much as we love them, but it’s nice to be back in our normal day-to-day…

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