Today’s Garden on an overcast day…

I did a tiny bit of weeding in the garden today, as it was incredibly humid and icky. I pulled out 3 onions as I weeded and I also got 2 tomatoes already. The cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen. I took a peek at the garlic… it looked a bit small so I put them back. I pulled out 3 carrots which looked rather odd, as they had wound around and grown into each other. The eggplant strangely has seemed to have taken off in the past couple of days. The zucchini and cucumbers are overrunning any and everything. The tomatoes look good, though they are a bit tight. Not sure how the cauliflower will end up doing. The celery has perhaps another month to go. I’ve no idea how long the potato should go. The asparagus looks good, for the first year, as far as I can tell. The first peppers are getting overgrown by the zucchini and cucumber, unfortunately. But Pup’s merlin pepper looks to be doing okay and there’s one pepper on it so far. The second set of peppers are doing better, as they’re away from the runaway plants. I’m thinking I should pull up the onions and garlic next weekend or so… Here’s our first zucchini from yesterday. Pretty darn big…

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