Fun Times with the Fridge…

And I do mean that facetiously.  It seems that about two days ago, our fridge/freezer started to go on the fritz. On Wednesday, we noticed the ice cream in the freezer being softer than it should be, but thought it perhaps needed a temperature setting adjustment. Last night, we went to make sandwiches, but the deli meats were bad. Which was odd, since I was just at the grocery store Monday night. When we realized that they were actually kinda warm, we checked the fridge and found it not cool at all…

We (finally) put 2 + 2 together and realized that it was not working properly, neither the freezer nor the fridge, although the freezer was still cool, just not cold. Mind you, this appliance was purchased last June when we bought the house, so a major shutdown was not on our expected list. Of course, we were 2 months past the manufacturer’s warranty and we did not opt to buy an extended one at the time… So, we salvaged what we could and put those items into the second freezer in the garage. We turned the temperature gauge all the way off, and then on, hoping that might reboot the fridge by morning. (It didn’t.)

So, this morning, I went to work armed with fridge numbers and the local phone book. On a whim, I unplugged and then replugged in the fridge, after checking that no breakers were busted. I spent at least a combined hour on the phone calling various service places to set up an appointment for it. We ended up with an appointment for next Wednesday through the manufacturer’s third-party service division, because major parts may still be covered under a 5-year warranty. We shall see…

Of course, tonight, the freezer seems to be working again as it should. The fridge is definitely cooler, though it still seems warmer than it should be. So, we’ll keep our appointment and see why the heck the fridge might just stop working at any given point. Hopefully, we’ll get an answer. If not, at least we know we own a quirky fridge. Now that I think of it, it’s already done quirky things in its short life here so far, so perhaps this is just more quirky par for the course…

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