What’s Been Going On…

For starters, Mr. BFF has had a crazy past month at work. They’ve done an upgrade, and now’s the time to fix all that is ‘broken’, which means 70+ hour weeks. I think he had one actual day off last Sunday. He’s still at work now, though he does say that he won’t have to work at all this weekend, once things get wrapped up tonight. Let’s hope so… His sleep is so messed up. He says he feels like home is just a flophouse, at the moment. And I miss seeing him and spending time together. Although I have gotten extra workouts in by mowing the lawns a couple of times. Still, I’d rather have Mr. BFF here. 😉 Soon, this will be done. That’s what we keep saying.

My sister and my parents in Connecticut both lost power with Hurricane Irene, but thankfully, nothing else. My parents just got power back today, on day #6, and my sister got hers back on Tuesday. Nephew starts school on Tuesday… And thus, another summer comes to a close.

I’m still waiting to hear some word from my agent in New Hampshire on a new tenant, though with that situation, usually no news is good news. I think with my last tenant, I got a signed lease and a check in the mail and that was my notification that a tenant had been found. Unfortunately, my last tenant passed away unexpectedly in July. We got that phone call on a Saturday morning when my parents, sister and nephew were out here visiting. Yikes. Then some more drama last month (this townhouse always seems to bring on the drama), but nothing recently, which is, I consider, good news… Mostly.

I’m really liking my new car a lot. I did like the Yaris, don’t get me wrong, but I’m loving my new car (Elantra). It’s a real-sized sedan style that I like and feel comfortable in. The Yaris was just a bit small, I had been feeling lately. Plus, there are oodles of nice features in the new car that I am enjoying having indulged myself with. Plus, a moonroof… I do like those so.

Garden is teetering on its way out, though there’s plenty of tomatoes still to be had. The cherry tomatoes have been absolutely delicious, and my co-workers have been enjoying them too. It’s always good to share. 🙂

That’s about it for now. It’s a Friday night of a long weekend. I’m waiting for sweetie to get home at some point. I did a bout on the treadmill earlier. This post is quite matter-of-fact, but these are the facts. I’ll have to get some pics of the garden soon, before it’s all gone for the season. Then it’ll be time to start planning for next year. Actually, I’ve got a catalog and coupon for some bulbs, so I should go take advantage of that. Gotta get some pics of the car, too. 🙂

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