Rainbow Cupcakes…

Rainbow Cupcakes
Pup was over yesterday and she had a definite agenda: rainbow cupcakes. We weren’t exactly sure how the process was to go, but we had the ingredients all ready – white cake mix and food coloring. As it turns out, Pup had found a video on YouTube showing how to make these cupcakes. She did try them at home, but she wanted to try them again over here. She took charge and did most everything herself… she could have made her own how-to video, quite frankly.

First, she made the cake batter according to the directions on the box. She was getting things out of the cupboards and going to town. It was good to see her know what she wanted and then go get it. Next, she made the rainbow batter by adding food coloring to the cake mix. This took a bit of time since each color had to be just right, so she had to play around with the food coloring combinations. Each color was kept separate in a plastic cup. Once all the colors were made, she put a layer of each color into each cupcake tin. This also involved tapping the cupcake pan on the counter after each color, to settle the batter, perhaps.
Rainbow Cupcakes in Pan
The cupcakes came out very cool-looking! We were quite impressed. Pup knew that the cake batter would expand quite a bit in the tins, which it did, and they looked just awesome when we cut one in half. Easily, dirty hippie tie-dye cupcakes. A very successful baking afternoon, indeed…

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One Response to Rainbow Cupcakes…

  1. Mrs.Chaos says:

    We did some cupcakes like this a while back, we didn’t even ice them and my toddler went banana-sandwich crazy over them. You got some good bold colors too!

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