New Favorite Flavor…

I’ve always been a fan of candles. However, with Pumpkin the cat around, I’ve been more hesitant to light them and have them around. However however, I’ve found a new flavor that I am absolutely loving… It’s Yankee Candle’s Harvest. They describe it as “a blend of cinnamon, cloves and musk with a hint of sweet apples and pumpkin”. I swear I can smell vanilla in there too (which is another of my renewedly-found frangrances). We’ve got the one candle in the living room, but I love how you can smell its essence as you go around corners into other rooms…

I’m not a fan of perfumey or spicy scents, but this one is so nice and subtle. We actually sniffed a few other upcoming winter scents as we were out and about today, so we’ve found some more pleasant smells for when winter comes around. For now, I’m keeping this Harvest scent going, cuz I’m really liking it a lot. And I ordered just a few more of them today… to keep the harvest going til the snows…

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