Christmas Time…

This is our humble lil Christmas tree, in a different spot than last year, because our furniture is different. It fits quite well where it is and I love having both the white and colored lights on it.

My parents were here last weekend to celebrate Christmas with us. We had an enjoyable visit, one that went by quite fast. They arrived Friday night and we ordered pizza for dinner. Just some hanging out and settling in and catching up and such.

On Saturday, Mr. BFF was making several loaves of bread to start, and then we exchanged our gifts after that, with Christmas music playing in the background… With some expected and some unexpected gifts and goodies. We went out to dinner and then went through our stockings in the evening. We also went out in the backyard to play with some of our new toys, as it seemed flashlights and lighted things were common – one was even a lighted tag to clip on Puggles’ collar as she roamed the yard in the nighttime darkness. Darn black dog can be hard to see out there sometimes. 😉

On Sunday, we had Pup and Mr. BFF’s family over for a yummy roast dinner with the fixings (and bread!). Again, hanging out, playing a game or two, taking a walk, chatting, watching some football (of course). Then, poof, time for Mom and Dad to pack up and head back home Monday morning. Went by very fast, but I’d say a very good time, indeed…

Here’s Puggles opening some of her bounty. She’s quite good at it and she likes to help others too:

Next post = Colts game pics! 🙂

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