Off to see the Indianapolis Colts…

On Sunday, November 27th, we went to Indianapolis for the weekend to see the Colts play the Carolina Panthers. Mr. BFF got us the tickets as a surprise thank-you for me putting up with his crazy work hours during the last half of the summer. No thank you needed, really… But Colts tickets were quite cool too! I had never been to an NFL game beforehand, so it was definitely something on my bucket list of sorts.

We were lucky to have had a beautiful weekend, weather-wise, for walking around downtown. We ate some good food, did some walking, found some dives, did some people watching and overall had a blast. Our hotel was maybe 2 or 3 blocks from the stadium and even though it was a bit rainy, it was so easy just walking over to the game. The stadium itself was very cool and for me, it was just awesome to be inside. I have to say, I loved being there in person watching the game. The cheering, the clapping, the yelling, the Colts’ ‘first down’s… I loved jumping out of my seat to watch the run for a touchdown! Yes, I got to see touchdowns, although they didn’t win this game. Wacky season as it is. I think the part most interesting was how relatively quiet it is sometimes, as opposed to watching a game on TV. Quiet during the interim stuff when there’s nothing over the loudspeakers…
I guess I’m used to commentators babbling on incessantly during any down time. Everyone in town (almost) was dressed in Colts garb and gear. That was fun to see, too.

Here’s a shot of Peyton Manning, my favorite football player, who is unfortunately on the sidelines this year. I would have loved to see him in action, but at least I got to see him at the game. He is the player who sparked my interest in football some 13 years ago, with his rookie season of 3-13 followed by a second season of 13-3. I just think he’s a great quarterback; I thought he was great during his first season and I’ve had fun watching him ever since. We had good seats for the game, as you can see from this photo (with an assist from a good zoom lens).

After the game, we found a great pub for burgers and the Bears game on TV. We poked around downtown some more and even got in a swim at the hotel pool! I always enjoy being in the water when I can. Found a dive from the night before to watch the Steelers game and simply had an awesome weekend away. I’ll close with Mr. BFF’s favorite pic of the game… He made a great effort to get a shot of this part of the routine. UPDATE: Okay, this is Mr. BFF’s 2nd favorite pic… His first fave is a pic of me with a big smile on my face. 🙂

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