The Life of a Numbers Girl…

It’s funny, in its own way, how the holidays segue into my busiest time of year at work… Not that I mind, it’s just the way it is.

December has the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving even. For us, my parents usually come out to celebrate Christmas the first weekend of December, so we start early. 😉 Then we head into the actual holidays with Pup and Mr. BFF’s parents and Granny. Usually low-key with just them, and that’s just how we like it. Head into the new year and all that holds…

At work, that holds preparing in January for the accountants arrival in early February. That just happened earlier this week. But with year-end, month-end and quarter-end, it tends to be a very busy month. And all days leading into it are full and busy and calculating. So, as others may speak of Christmas vacations and holiday breaks, I’m getting ready to get into the thick of it. Which is all good… that’ s the way it is. And January is gone in a blur…

But now, already, as the work week winds down, I’m already back into cleaning out files mode and shredding old stuff. Cleaning up and out of sorts. Which is what I do when everything else is done. So everything else kind of comes to a screeching halt, and I’m left with file maintenance. Again, all good…

So, we’re thinking of taking Pup to the Dells sometime soon for a long weekend, when I can finally get away a bit (my available days away a bit limited due to it being a small company and such). Sounds like it sounds good to Pup, and looks like a lot of fun things to do there, so here’s hoping to getting away within the next month!  🙂

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