False Indigo…

Also known as Baptisia. We planted this around the middle of last summer. I really like the color of the flowers, along with the shape and green of the leaves. It’s in the flower garden that used to be the backyard hole. The fill that was dumped in there ended up being quite clay-y… more so than I would have liked. I picture soil for flower gardens as being dirt that falls through your fingers, but this stuff was clumpy and reddish and dense. I wasn’t sure how the Baptisia would do this next year. So, somewhat surprisingly but very delightedly, this guy came back in full force this spring. Yay!

I’ll have to get a bigger picture soon with more of its full effect… And, now I know at least some flowers will grow in there, so it’s time to get more of them around it. 🙂

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One Response to False Indigo…

  1. Larry Kollar says:

    We have plenty of clay on Planet Georgia. It does have the advantage of holding water for a while, which is important when we get that late summer rain-less spell. Flowers around the manor seem to like it just fine.

    — Larry (still FARfetched, but not using the handle so much these days)

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