T minus 6.85…

Less than double digits before we leave for our upcoming vacation. Next Saturday, we fly out to Connecticut to spend some time with my family. Then, on Wednesday afternoon we head over to Providence, Rhode Island for the Netroots Nation conference to spend time with friends. I’ve had to-do lists going for the past two weeks and I’ve got one going for this coming week (of course). I’ve gotten quite a bit accomplished so far, including:

  • Planted the vegetable beds – one bed is new this year, for tomatoes and peppers… They seem to be doing really well there so far!  The other bed is planted with squashes, lettuce, onions, herbs, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and one pathetic-looking celery.
  • Planted some flowers, with some more to go. There’s always more flowers to need planting!
  • Took Puggles to  the vet for the shot she needed before being boarded there next week. 😦
  • Dry cleaning
  • Store run for necessities and travel items… It had been awhile since we did a stock-up type of trip, so that was needed.
  • Battery changed in garage door keypad for Dad J
  • New harness for Puggles
  • Father’s Day gift ordered for when we return
  • Cat and dog food obtained
  • Room prepped for Pup this weekend
  • Birthday and cookout celebration preparations underway for this weekend
  • Made a list of things-to-do when we return 🙂  Tee-hee…

As for this weekend, Pup will be here and there will be cooking and playing. We already did the cleaning part this morning. Steaks, potatoes and broccoli on the grill today; tomorrow we have a celebration with more traditional cookout fare of hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, grilled salad (okay, not so traditional) and a birthday cherry cheesecake (requested). I plan on getting some gardening time in there too.  🙂

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