This is me, Mr. BFF and my nephew watching the RI Atlantic Ocean…

Ocean it is, but not full-fledged ocean, due to the shoreline of where we were. We were there, at the ocean, for too short of a time, but we were there. Such are the way things go when you are traveling with ones parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephew. Hence the quotes… Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time visiting my family and seeing my extended family. I loved seeing my sister and nephew every day for a few days in a row. It’s good to visit with my parents too. Then we went to Netroots Nation in Providence, which also was great. Seeing our friends that once-a-year time, if not more years in-between… Doing our volunteer schtick, which we very much like doing. Having a week of not working… Being around like-minded folks without even wondering…

Still, we need a vacation. 🙂 One where it’s just us and we don’t have to do anything or be anywhere or follow anyone else’s schedule but our own. Later this summer we’ll go to the Dells with Pup, which will also be awesome.

One of these days we’ve got to get away, just us, though… It’s hard leaving Puggles, and Pumpkin, and Pup, too, for a spell. Not to minimize the good time that we had on our vacation, but it is a “vacation”… Not quite the get-away relaxing time that we’d like… Anyway, yes, we had a very good time, and for that, I am grateful.

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