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Favorite View…

This is one of my favorite views of the flower gardens… However, it doesn’t quite look as pretty nowadays, since it’s been so dry here. Though we have gotten a decent amount of rain (finally) this past week, the gardens … Continue reading

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Freezing Blueberries…

Our local garden center and farm market had blueberries ready two weekends ago, so we got a 5-lb. box and prepared them for the freezer. This year, I froze them first in single layers on some cookie sheets. When it … Continue reading

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I’ve had this nail polish on my toes for probably about six weeks now. My tendency has been to paint over my toenails each Sunday evening, instead of removing the polish and painting them afresh… Probably not the best thing … Continue reading

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Squash Bug Death Jar…

This is a squash bug. They like squash plants, such as my acorn squash (from which I already got a foot-long zucchini?), my actual zucchini squash, and now my spaghetti squash plant. I am not pleased. The acorn plant looks … Continue reading

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I Must Have Thoughts of Football…

Swimming around my subconscious. Last night, as Mr. BFF came outside to watch fireworks, I said to him, “It seems to have gotten warmer out.” He replied, “The breeze quit.” I said something like OMG, what do you mean?!? Turns … Continue reading

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