Squash Bug Death Jar…

animal picture flowers_pics_0020.jpg

This is a squash bug. They like squash plants, such as my acorn squash (from which I already got a foot-long zucchini?), my actual zucchini squash, and now my spaghetti squash plant. I am not pleased. The acorn plant looks close to dead, but perhaps a bit better today than yesterday. The zucchini plant looks half dead, and the spaghetti plant is showing signs of drooping off, but there are also lil spaghetti squashes on there.

So, as of yesterday, I now have a ‘Squash Bug Death Jar’. I read that spraying the plants with the hose draws these bugs to the top layers to dry off. This is where I can flick them into the jar of soapy water to squash them. I’ve also taken to peering underneath the plant leaves to look for larvae clusters and snuff them out. It’s really not fun work, but I’d prefer to save these plants, if at all possible. Never mind that I’ve also identified Cucumber Beetles on them, but they seem to fly, so I have to read up on them next to see if there’s anything I can do for those.

I don’t remember seeing these effects from garden pests last year, so I’m a bit miffed about the whole thing at the moment, though I know it comes with the territory. Never mind that in the past 3-1/2 weeks since we got back from vacation, it’s been over 100 degrees outside on and off (and on again) with barely any rain in-between…

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