DIYS – Next Projects: Phase Two

Do It Yourself Somewhat… There are certain things we don’t do ourselves, such as those dealing with lots of water and electricity. So, we get help. And now it’s time for some more upgrades/improvements/personalization around this house that we’ve been in for two years plus. When we first moved in, Mr. BFF did paint the guest bathroom, and we soon after installed a new vanity there. But that was about the last time we did anything other then maintenance and decor-type of things.

Next up, the kitchen. When we bought the house, the appliances were not included, sort of. We basically told them to get rid of the fridge and stove (because theirs were old and nasty) or, ahem, because we were already planning to buy new ones. They offered to sell us their washer and dryer (how nice), but we declined on those as well. So, in a way, we did update the house right off the bat. We chose black appliances and we are still enjoying them. Except for the water line to the fridge ‘incident’, though that was my fault. But I digress…

What did stay in the kitchen was a creme-colored dishwasher and kitchen sink. The sink needed replacing from day one, but we’ve lived with it. Until now… Later this week, we’ll be getting a new dishwasher, kitchen sink and faucets. Yay and Happy Anniversary to us! We do love the size of the kitchen and its openness. These few updates will complete that room for the time being and we will be quite happy with that. And things will look a bit more ‘together’ than they currently do.

After that, we will move onto painting the office, followed by getting at least the shower in our bathroom replaced (it’s in dire need of it.) Then, to top it all off, we will get the living room and hallway painted, along with new trim. Fun, fun, fun…

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One Response to DIYS – Next Projects: Phase Two

  1. Larry Kollar says:

    The kitchen *does* look spacious! I’d be jonesin’ to put an island in the middle.

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