Monthly Archives: September 2012

Menu for the Week…

I should rename these posts ‘Weekend Cooking’, because that’s what’s been happening lately. We make a whole bunch of food for the coming week, which is not a bad way to go about it… Food is in the fridge, there’s … Continue reading

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Today’s Garden Harvest…

Lots of peppers – poblano, pimento, lil chipotle and hot poppers – green beans, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. The garden is waning. It’s 54 degrees out tonight. Today, I pulled out 3 tomato plants that were done, and there’s a … Continue reading

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I Need Some New Photos…

Since I don’t have any new ones to post right now. Things are in a bit of disarray at the moment… So, what’s been going on? Pup was here over Labor Day weekend, just needing some chill time.  We made … Continue reading

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