I Need Some New Photos…

Since I don’t have any new ones to post right now. Things are in a bit of disarray at the moment… So, what’s been going on?

  • Pup was here over Labor Day weekend, just needing some chill time.  We made some tomato sauce from the garden tomatoes – first-time doing so and we had extra to freeze too – and we all thought it turned out quite yummy! Picked some green beans and got them into the freezer as well.  We also ended up getting some paint samples and dotted her room with some colors. I think she’s got one picked out, though it’s a bit pink for my tastes. 🙂 So be it… She also picked out a nice comforter set for the bed (I can probably get a pic of that). Getting that room painted will most likely be an into-winter project.
  • Unusual for Puggles, she got quite sick last Thursday. So much so that I took a long and early lunch on Friday so I could bring her to the vet’s. She wasn’t eating at all, showed no interest in food and was having other issues as well. Poor thing.  😦  We got some meds for her, which included a paste that I had to rub onto the roof of her mouth – do not try that at home if you don’t absolutely have to! Once she started eating again, Mr. BFF had the idea to put the paste onto a cracker, which thankfully she did eat it that way. She finally ate again Saturday afternoon, after 48 hours of not eating… You can imagine how thrilled we were to see her perk up and eat her chicken and rice. She’s still on chicken and rice, since we’re not quite sure what caused this, but the idea of bad dog food is in our minds. Her new food should arrive on Tuesday. She’s pretty much 94% better now, though I think her lil digestive system is still working out some kinks. This now a week later… Needless to say, we spent last weekend at home watching out for our lil girl.
  • We switched banks at work, which isn’t too big of a deal. Except that the owner didn’t tell anyone he was doing so until it was a done deal. Then he wanted everything to be switched as of yesterday. Luckily (at times), it’s a husband and wife as owners… His wife, my boss, explained to him that “had you told myself or BFF what was going on, we would have been able to have had things ready-to-go.” He tried to argue that he did tell us several months ago that he was thinking about it… Apparently, they then had a chuckle. That’s the way he operates sometimes, but he does know it. Actually, they are quirky and quite good people to work for.
  • Yesterday, however, the bank messed up and missed our payroll, i.e. somehow didn’t process our direct deposits for our employees. All worked out in the end, but yikes, that was a big boo-boo on someone’s part!
  • We’ll be doing some painting around here soon. The color for the living room has been chosen; the hallway is still TBD. We have the paint and supplies for the office here, and I’ve moved most things into the guest room for now. We were going to do it Labor Day weekend, but Pup needed some time, so we spent that with her. Then Puggles… Perhaps we’ll get started this weekend. Maybe at least wiping down the walls and getting some primer on. I’m getting a bit antsy since the room is pulled apart already…
  • Bathroom guy comes by tomorrow morning to see what we can do with the shower in the ‘master bath’. It’s in dire need of replacing and we’ve picked that out as one of the items to address this year. The kitchen has a new dishwasher and sink (I suppose I should take a pic of that soon!), so it’s time for Phase 2 (and 3 – painting and bathroom replacing).
  • Should do some yard work and cleaning of the gardens (along with mowing) this weekend… Should be sunny though cooler for it. Summer is officially over. Which is fine by me because I prefer fall. I’ll be wearing sandal though til it snows…  🙂
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