Puggles and Pumpkin… And Trips to the Vet

Well, last month Puggles got sick and I ended up taking her to the vet one Friday afternoon. She hadn’t been eating (which is basically unheard of) and she didn’t even keep down her water that morning. Luckily, the vet’s office was able to get us in before the weekend, and my work is very understanding about those sorts of things. She got some meds and then chicken and rice for food for a couple of weeks. She is all better now, which is a very good thing.

Last Monday night, Pumpkin was on the coffee table and we noticed a sore on her backside… Rather icky-looking, really. Again, the vet’s office was able to get us in on Tuesday and my work had no problem with that. She had an abscess which had burst, so meds and an antibiotic shot for her. She was loopy for the next two days (pain meds), but she seemed to be getting better. This evening, I took her back for her follow-up appointment and she has been deemed ‘fully healed’. Again, which is a very good thing.

I had actually gotten a new carrier for her just a short while ago, because her old hard-case one wasn’t staying shut and we had bungee cords wrapped around it. The vet’s office wasn’t too pleased to see that at her regular check-up in April, so I made a point to get a new one. She’s an indoor cat who (normally) goes out of the house once a year for that check-up. With her latest injury, she’s had more time out of the house this year, but at least her new soft-case zippered carrier works much better…

So, critter kids, sicknesses and injuries are done. Everyone had their under-the-weather days, no one needs to feel jealous, and it’s time to be back to your regularly-scheduled goofball lovable selves. 🙂 Thank you.

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