It’s humorous to me, somewhat, in that all my life (say adult-life beginning in my college years), I have wanted to take a yoga class. I haven’t… Except for one time that I went to a class with my cousin (at say maybe 25 or so). She didn’t like it and left early. I can’t recall exactly why she left, other than it was too spiritual or “hokey” for her. I think I was embarrassed that she basically walked out. It’s a distant memory for me now, but i do remember it. Still, since then and throughout my days, I have always felt that yoga, a formal type of yoga, would be a good thing for me…

On Wednesday evening, I went to my first yoga class… me and just me. I loved it and I need it. It is spiritual and universal and it speaks to me. Why I have waited so long (i.e. 15+ years), I have no idea. But this will be very good for me now. The music was calming, the lights were low, the instructor knowing, firm and sure, yet gentle… The stillness of the mind, moving of the body, attention to the breath… Just being and letting all other things go… I’ll go back on Monday, to sign up for the next month. Yes… This is what I need…

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