Be at Peace, Uncle Tom…

Oh, what a sweet man. My Godfather… Aunt Peggy and Uncle Tom are my Godparents. They are both, each in their way, wonderful, beautiful, loving and giving people. Generous, kind, warm, spirited, spiritual, gracious… I can say nothing but good about either of them.

Uncle Tom passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly, yesterday evening. May his soul rest in peace. May Aunt Peggy find strength going forward, along with Brendan and Patrick, their sons, and all that have known and been touched by him.

They were not technically family, but I grew up with them. Uncle Tom and my Dad were childhood friends. I always enjoyed hearing about their one (known) run-in with the law that involved “illegal” fishing, or something like that… Growing up together, finding loves together, forming families together. Uncle Tom was 67; my Dad turns 69 tomorrow.

I remember holidays going over to their house, them coming to ours, along with other family events and celebrations. They are religious, but religious in that calm, grounding, centering, gentle way… To me, one of the greatest shows of their humanity, was in taking in foster children. They had two boys of their own, yet during that time, they fostered at least six other children (and I’m being conservative with that number). I most remember Reggie, a young child with a drug-addicted mother and missing father, who had MS and crutches and a spitfire spirit. I think he was with them the longest

Anyway, wherever you may be Uncle Tom, I love you. I love the way you looked out for me and told people that. I love who you are and the legacy you left. He ran as a Dem in a local election recently… he lost, but he did what he felt he needed to do. That is who he was… Doing what needed to be done. For all those foster children, for his faith, for his congregation, for his family, for his friends, for his loves… His life.

Goodness, the last time I saw him was in 2008, just after me and Mr. BFF were married. He “threatened” Mr. BFF that he better be good to me.. 😉 Mr. BFF most certainly is and I hope Uncle Tom now knows that to be the utmost truth. We missed seeing him this summer, as he was in-between church retreats when we visited CT. Tears… As my sister said, Heaven now has another Angel. Those words couldn’t be more true. Uncle Tom, you are truly an angel…

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