Here Comes Christmas…

Well, our tree is up. This picture is from last year, but I haven’t taken pics of this year’s tree, mostly because the living room is still a mess and there are other things to be done…

My parents will arrive on Friday for our annual Christmas in Indiana. It’s a week-ish earlier this year than when they normally arrive, due to the early Thanksgiving and all. But, their presents are wrapped and stacked aside the Christmas tree. So far, Pumpkin hasn’t tried much… Though Puggles did try to get into Joseph’s presents (also all wrapped), so they are now in the garage (the presents, not the critters).

We already went to the grocery store; I went to yoga tonight while Mr. BFF and Pup are out shopping; and tomorrow after work will be full-on cleaning mode. Friday night is pizza and settling in after my parents’ drive (Yes, they drive… Mom doesn’t fly). We’ll do Christmas with my parents and Pup Saturday afternoon, followed by dinner that evening with all of us and Mr. BFF’s parents and Granny. Then Sunday we’ll do Christmas for us and my parents. Whoosh… With food and cooking and baking and wrapping and unwrapping and everything in-between.

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