No New Year’s Resolutions…

I do not make New Years’ resolutions. I will make ‘resolutions’ of sorts during the year and as needed, but I don’t feel the need to make some just because the year is changing calendar-wise. Also, since my birthday is January 2nd, it’s not until at least January 3rd that I get back to more “normal”, after the rush and go-go of the holidays. I go back to healthier eating and more exercising, which I know will be curbed in December. Usually by this time too, I am deeply craving a big salad. 🙂

For me, starting yoga classes in November was a big deal… Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but hadn’t, then finally did. So now, in January, I’m still with it, holidays and all. What I next will do is get back on the treadmill. That fell by the wayside around mid-November (as I knew it would), but part of it was that I was going to yoga in its place. Now I need to incorporate the two things again. Which I will.

And get back to better menu planning during the week. That should be an easy one to do… Hitting the grocery store tomorrow night for this coming week’s menu. 🙂

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