Stupidity at Work…

If you feel the need to come into work with a can of Lysol to spray around yourself throughout the day, you should probably have stayed at home.

My co-worker came in Monday, sounding awful… Coughing, hacking, sneezing, blowing her nose repeatedly, and yes, spraying herself with Lysol over the course of the day. She did this Tuesday as well. By Wednesday, well, she was sounding better… I, however, now have the sniffles and a congested head. Thanks, stupid.

Though, I get it… We don’t get paid sick days at work. Luckily, we don’t get admonished or punished for taking unpaid sick time as needed, but still. If you can muster yourself out of the house and you’re not totally incapacitated, you drag yourself to work… That’s the mentality. And that’s what the boss does. I actually think he’s the one who started it all, since he’s been coming into work coughing and hacking like a mad dog for the past two months.

I’m all for mandatory paid sick leave, be it on a state or federal level, but I don’t really think we’re anywhere near that right now, unfortunately… My boss would probably call me a commie or, gasp, crazy liberal. (Sorry, I got to listen to him bemoan how much he pays in taxes earlier today – wrong audience, dude).

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One Response to Stupidity at Work…

  1. Larry Kollar says:

    I’m lucky to work at a company with a much more reasonable set of policies. They also have a reasonably good VPN setup, so if I’m feeling up to working but worried about infesting the office, I can get stuff done from home (and lay down if I get worn out).

    Hope you get over that quickly. I lost an entire week to it. (flu/strep combo)

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