How Did a Month Go By?

Good grief, it’s been longer than I thought.

The beginning of the year is always busy… Busy at work and busy at home. I also tend to have the majority of my annual appointments due around this time. Well, December was the month for going to the dentist. But February was my yearly women’s exam, which then leads into my yearly mammogram – that is next week. The first exam was rescheduled twice – that one always seems to be a hassle. It’s also annual eye exam time – I had that one last week and went to pick out new glasses today. They should be here on Tuesday, which is much quicker than I expected. Taxes have been completed as well.

I (finally) have new tenants in the condo in New Hampshire. The last tenant stopped paying and had to be evicted. She drew that out by going to court, which I’m guessing was just to buy her more time. By the time she was finally out, it was winter, which isn’t the best for tenant-finding. Never mind that her dog (that she shouldn’t have had there in the first place) ripped up the carpet in the living room and had to be replaced. I just replaced it one stinking year ago. Jerk. So, now the entire place has new carpet, which was needed, and it’s all been freshly painted. The back and forth with all that can be a bit time-consuming, but thankfully, I have a wonderful real estate agent who takes care of things for me there. She really is a gem for me, overall.

There’s still some snow on the ground, but Mr. BFF decided to break open the grill for this year, so we had steaks and a yummy potato-veggie bake for dinner tonight. Tomorrow, I’m making corn chowder, a bean salad and some blueberry bread. Along with our usual-as-of-late Sunday roasting of the vegetables, those vegetables being broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. We’ve also decided to host St. Patrick’s Day dinner, so we’ll be doing corned beef and cabbage, carrots, mashed potatoes, bread and apple cheesecake for next Sunday’s menu. Never made a corned beef before, so that should be interesting.

I’ve been doing yoga on Wednesday nights, with other exercising during the week. The weekends tend to be filled with other stuff, for the time being at least. Maybe I’ll get on the treadmill tomorrow, but if not, I do get there on Mondays after work. Work has slowed down almost to a grinding halt, which means I shred. Sort and shred papers that can be disposed of as of the end of the year. But work-wise, the place is very slow. Those salespeople need to start doing their jobs!

For now, time for the couch and Mr. BFF and a movie. A good Saturday night, indeed.

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