Groundhog Day…

Well, it seems I’m revisiting several things that I thought had been completed…

New eyeglasses: I go every year now for an eye exam. My eyes aren’t too bad, but they are changing (aka going downhill) each year. I usually need a bit more help for reading/computer work, as well as a bit more help with distance. I picked up my new glasses Tuesday after work… The distance, being someone coming into my office at work, driving, etc., was off. Fuzzy. Not terribly so, but my old glasses were much crisper. So, today I went back to the store and have now scheduled a retest because the prescription “might” be off. I think it is. I like my new glasses, sorta… I found out they were men’s. Had I known when I picked them out, I would have asked if there was a comparable women’s pair, as they seem slightly large since I’ve been wearing them. I don’t know if I’ll be able to change out the frames yet. For now, I’m hoping to get a proper prescription. Ugh. I can live with them if not though, I guess.

NH Condo: I finally have new tenants in there, and had painted and re-carpeted the whole damn thing. Thought all was good. Now, apparently, due to snow piles, water has backed into the walls from the outside. Basement ceiling is sagging. Ugh. Someone is looking at what needs to be done, and hopefully, because the issue most likely comes from the outside, the association’s insurance will cover it. Blech.

Appointment: Had one appointment which is now leading to another appointment that I hadn’t planned on…

I’ve got other things on my list which should be taking the place of these re-do’s. Oh well, it is what it is. It’s 1:20am on Saturday night/Sunday morning, and I’m just not tired. I’m a night owl to begin with and I don’t think my weekend body has caught up to daylight savings time. We’re hosting St. Pat’s Day dinner tomorrow at 1:30, so I’ll drag my ass out of bed and start with the mashed potatoes, carrots and cabbage. We did a test run of a corned beef tonight… Came out pretty damn good. 🙂

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