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My cousin is getting married in June, and we will be traveling to CT for his wedding. Brian is 10 years younger than me and this is the first wedding for his immediate family (my aunt and uncle). It’s apparently going to be a big shin-dig, with I think something like 11 bridesmaids. Wow! My reaction when my mom told me the size of the wedding party was “Holy Shit!” I guess Sara has a semi-large family and several friends that she did not want to exclude… Yikes, that’s a big wedding. But, it will be a time when we get together with all of my family, which doesn’t really happen anymore, now that people live all across the country. Though the majority of my family is still in the CT area there. Should be a very good time.

So, I was very pleased to have found the above dress to wear to this wedding. It’s quite flattering and it fits me pretty nicely. I do actually like the colors in it too. I’m usually more of a solid-color type of clothes-wearer, so this dress is fun for me too in that it’s very different from my normal palette. I like it a lot. And, bonus, I already found a great pair of dark blue sandals to wear with it. They’ve got a decent heel, for me, because again, I don’t normally wear heels (though at times and occasions I do find them fun as well).

I think I still need to find a purse / bag of sorts… One big enough to toss in my more regular sandals, for when the night gets later and all. All my normal bags are a basic black and that simply won’t do. šŸ˜‰ I also want to find a fun blue nail polish for my fingers and toes. And I need a bra. However, all in all, I’m very pleased with where I’m at in the wedding-outfit-getting department.

Bonus: When I was out dress shopping, I also found a nice sleeveless simple black dress that is now in my closet. Basic black… yes, that’s more me. Though I do love this dress pictured above, black is definitely always in my closet. šŸ™‚

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