To South Dakota, by way of Iowa…

Over Memorial Day weekend, we made the 9 hour road trip to go visit Mr. BFF’s sister and her husband in South Dakota. We had a wonderful time just hanging out with them in their small town and in their backyard, several neighborhood cats included. I even ended up planting an herb garden for sis. 🙂 It was a great trip, albeit too short. No pics of South Dakota here, but we did drive straight across Iowa, where I had never been through beforehand. So, here’s some pics of Iowa.
It’s definitely got an Iowa feel to it…
Newton Iowa Flooding 052613
This pic isn’t so great, but it shows the crazy flooding they experienced that weekend. I guess the Newton, Iowa area got 9 inches of rain in a 24-hour period or so. Look at how the bottoms of those trees are just covered with water. On our drive out, these same waters were small creeks and streams… And we’d have never known it where we were just a couple of hours away in South Dakota.

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