And We’re Off…

Tomorrow, that is. We are first headed to CT for my cousin’s wedding on Saturday. We’ll spend a few days there and visit with family. On Tuesday, we’re taking a train down to Washington D.C. I haven’t been there in many years and it will be Mr. BFF’s first time there. We’ll do the tourist thing. 🙂

I’ve overpacked, which isn’t unheard of. And it’s also why I at times prefer road trips. It’s easier to over-pack… Just toss it in the car. 🙂

I brought Puggles to the vet’s this evening to be boarded for a week plus. I hate that job. 😦 Mr. BFF’s parents will pick her up next Saturday morning, so she’ll be here at home when we get back that evening. I always feel so badly for having to kennel her. But, it’s only once a year that we end up having to do so. Pumpkin, the cat that she is, will stay at home… Mr. BFF’s dad will check in on her a few times for us.

Looking forward to getting away for a bit though. For now, it’s time to go sit on the couch and try to unwind for a bit before it’s time for bed.

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