My Lil Booger…

That’s my nephew, on the right, from last summer. He’s grown about 3 inches since then. Another nickname he’s had is Squirtball, though that one is a bit old now. Anyway, to the current day…

But first, he is such a good kid. He’ll be 15 next week. He has such compassion and caring in him… For other people and for critters. He has 2 cats that he still always loves to talk about. He always asks about Puggles and Pumpkin when I talk with him. He was supposed to be out visiting this weekend, along with my sister (his mom) and my parents. However…

My lil guy was run over by a truck earlier this week… Literally. Tuesday afternoon, hanging with his friend Mikey on Mikey’s private dirt road where he lives. Some guy in a utility truck filled with stone cut a left corner, and J and Mikey were lying on the side of said left corner. The truck ran right over him… I get goosebumps thinking about that, and I think I always will. Shiver… The guy stopped, 911 was called and J was on his way to the hospital. I can’t imagine what my sister (or brother-in-law, for that matter) was thinking when they got that phone call…

J was brought to a children’s hospital about an hour away, since they had better pediatric facilities. He had, in no particular order, a broken rib, partially collapsed lung, broken toe, a small laceration on his liver, broken elbow, fractured pelvis and other bruises and scrapes. Joe told my sister that J had tire marks on his back, but she wouldn’t look at them. J was in ICU for about 24 hours before he was released to a regular hospital room. That was Wednesday afternoon…

He’s got a chest tube in him to help keep his lung as it should be. He had surgery today to put a pin in his elbow, and to move his chest tube up. He called us today, cuz we wanted to talk with him. He sounds like he’s just sitting on the couch lounging about… He says he’s sore, when pressed, but he says he’s good… Watching more TV than he normally might be. His friend, Mikey, came to see him today. I’m so thankful for that. For both of them. Last time Mikey saw him, J was headed into the ambulance. They were together for 2-3 hours today, and I know that was so good for both of them.

J walked down the hall to his physical therapy appointment today, and did some stairs too. He’s eating regular food. Jpup has been worried and asking about him… We’ll take her out tomorrow to get him some DVD’s to watch as he recuperates… She is such a good egg. He is such a good egg. Talking with him today, as I knew, he asked how Puggles and Pumpkin were… That darned lil caring kid. I am amazed, astounded and oh-so-grateful for how well he is recovering. I, as had we all, had our moments of oh-god how much worse this could have been. Those thoughts are quickly sent away, to be replaced by gratitude and profound thankfulness that he will recover and recover fairly quickly, from the sound of it. God, I love my lil booger… Thank you.

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One Response to My Lil Booger…

  1. So so so happy and relieved that he will be OK!!

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