Menu for the Week…

I cut a few leeks out of the garden this afternoon. And there’s a purple aster next to a yellow-red perennial still looking quite nice… being that is almost mid-November and all. Today I did some garden clean-up and leaf raking. It was a nice autumn day for it, quite actually. Though the sun goes down too soon nowadays…

  • Stuffed Peppers – for tomorrow’s dinner and a few for the freezer (freezer needs a bit of replenishing)
  • Ham Roll-Ups – Cream cheese and green onions rolled up in ham slices – that’s football food for tomorrow, along with…
  • Potato Skins – homemade with bacon, green onions and a goat cheese topping
  • Chicken Piccata Variation – Chicken, mushrooms, lemon with asparagus and possibly rice
  • Buttered Egg Noodles – Butter, egg noodles, mushrooms, garden leeks and perhaps a couple slices of bacon, or maybe turkey meatballs (but probably not)
  • And that, my friends, will get us through the week. With the above, leftovers and the backup plans of sandwiches and/or eggs and bagels and etc, we will be good. We will have a stocked fridge and plenty of food for the week. Nice… 🙂

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