Healing Please… And WTF

I think of my blog here as a journal of sorts, though mostly for food, pics, gardening and lighthearted ‘life’ stuff. Nothing too serious, though I have thought about writing here of my anxieties, worries, deeper-life stuff… It’s a fairly safe place, I believe. Anyway, this all has nothing to do with what is currently on my mind, which is however on the more serious side…

My brother-in-law had a fall at work, at a construction site. They’re estimating it was 20 feet. This is all in CT again. Please bear in mind that my sister’s son (my one and only nephew) was run over by a truck just back in July. Kiddo was in ICU for several days, but has since recovered fully (thank you so much!). Now, her husband, his dad, is in ICU with multiple injuries that I won’t even go into… He’s at the moment basically in a medically-induced coma to let his brain swelling go down. God, it pains me to even write that. It’s previously been called ‘heavily sedated’. But, he has responded well today to commands like giving a thumbs-up, wiggling his toes, and he shook his head up and down when my sister asked if he could understand her. He’s stable but still in critical condition for the next 48 hours or so, as they assess his brain function. I can’t even begin to imagine…

She called tonight, as I knew she would, after speaking with many other people and well-wishers, crying and apologizing for not having anyone else to call. Dammit, Karen, you know you can call whenever and for whatever you goddamn need… Yes, she does know that. We are here for her as best we can be being states apart. How strange we were in a similiar situation with nephew J. just a few months ago, but being here and simply listening to her… Now, again, dammit, we’re here for her in this situation with her husband, Big J.,… She was asking ‘why’ and I had no fucking answer for her… Why her son and why now her husband… I can’t say, but what I can do is listen and empathize and whirl at the world with her…

So, the signs are positive, they are going in the right direction, but she’s terrified, and rightfully so… I’m terrified for her and for them, but I will remain positive. Her husband is a strong guy, that is for sure. Lil J. made it through his trauma with flying colors and is perfectly fine now, and he got his genes from his dad, so… His dad is strong (which we know) and will pull through… He will…

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