Flat Tire…

The weather this winter has been insane… Lots of snow, ice, freezing temperatures past 20 below and more recently, thundersnow and rains. Which makes for terrible road conditions due to all the frost heaves and potholes. Oh, and fog. Thursday night on my way home, it was incredibly foggy… I could see the fog rolling across the road. However, the fog and the melting snows and huge puddles made the road quite difficult to actually see. Thump… right through a big pothole. A short while later, my tire pressure light came on. Shit. On a two-lane back road with ditches on both sides. But, I was able to make it to a parking lot. I called Mr. BFF, who came to my rescue.

My car apparently doesn’t have a spare tire. It has some sort of air compressor and a canister of sealant. The idea being fill the tire with sealant, let it set and then fill the tire with air to get the car to a tire shop. Though we didn’t follow the instructions precisely, through the rain and fog, we were able to get it to the tire shop about 2 miles down the road. I wouldn’t have driven on it any further than that, though. The instructions said it would be good for 100+ miles… Not even remotely close. So, tire has been replaced, and I need to look into getting an actual spare for the trunk.

I did get a good chuckle that night though, after I tweeted that I had a flat tire…
Here was a reply:
 photo tire.jpg

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