Well, my brother-in-law is home. He came home last Saturday, after a combined total of 3 months being in ICU and then a rehab facility. This all stemming from a ~20′ fall at work in early December. This is quite extraordinary news now, as they were at one point saying it might be 6 months to a year until he was able to go home.

We spoke with him last night, and he sounds fantastic, for what he’s been through. He sounds just like himself, with some extra gratitude and thankfulness thrown in. He is lucky. He said it. We all know it is true…

My sister, of course, is thrilled. What a year for her. First, her son was run over by a utility truck in July. He was in the ICU for awhile and came home after about a week. Then, early December, her husband suffers a fall and goes to the ICU. He was there for more like 3 weeks, followed by the rehab facility. He had a traumatic brain injury and suffers from some traumatic amnesia, along with the loss of vision in his right eye. Both he and his son had punctured lungs, broken ribs, etc… Both are home now… Little J. has fully recovered, and Big J. will continue with outpatient therapy.

My BIL still must have 24/7 supervision, though he’s not really restricted to what he can do (other than the 3-D’s – driving, drinking and drugs!)… He still must not be by himself at any time. But gosh, how good it was to talk with him last night. He will probably join my sister and Little J. when they come out here with my parents for their annual summer visit. He would normally be working, so he’s not been out here yet. But this year, he will be able to come out and visit our slice of Indiana heaven. And, it will be very good to see him. Yes, indeed…

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