Ahh… Cancun

The required toes shot… We had a fantastic time! We were in Cancun about two months ago, just after waking to an overnight snow flurry the Wednesday morning before we left. It was beautiful… Perfect weather with 80 degree temps, sun and more sunshine, ocean breezes, warm sand, warm ocean water where I could see my toes below, waves and surf. Ah!We had been wanting to go on an all-inclusive tropical vacation somewhere for a few years now. A year and a half ago we finally got our passports – me my first one ever and Mr. BFF his renewed. That way we’d be ready when the time came. Mr. BFF’s work could be hard to gauge, so it was somewhat tricky to plan something for too far out. We found a good time had arrived however, about 5-6 weeks beforehand. After a long, cold and record-snowy winter, it was time. And it was fabulous.

Mr. BFF sitting on our patio

Me swimming in the ocean

We had a great room with a patio right on the ocean. We spent our nights sitting out there listening to the waves and enjoying the warmth. We basically went to the beach each day, , stopped by the jacuzzi before getting ready for dinners, ate our fill of food – some hits, some misses and the Mexican restaurant was outstanding (as it should be!), drank our share of beverages and simply hung out on the property. A time for relaxation and ‘nothing-to-do-ness’ indeed… We can’t wait to go back!

*Funny story… The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders showed up there a few days in. We saw them at dinners, breakfasts, on the beach and working out. They were there doing a photo shoot for their upcoming calendar, I do believe. Here’s a pic from their shoot (tee-hee):

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